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SLR and digital blossomed in my photographic life.

A cheap HP digital camera provided some distraction, but the main focus was learning the ropes of the SLR. An exploration of composition, depth of field, colour and mono, indoors and outdoors, and the like followed.



2001/pepperfish - the birth of
2001/funeral - my father's funeral - 26th April 2001.
2001/bruxelles - a weekend in Bruxelles
2001/peterborough - Peterborough (eosfilm1)
2001/eosfilm2 - random images of Cambridgeshire
2001/eosfilm3 - ducks, thistles and buildings
2001/eosfilm4-cambridge - Cambridge and friends, testing 70-300mm lens
2001/eosfilm5 - grounds of St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge and Peckover House, Wisbeach
2001/eosfilm6-peckover - more images of Peckover
2001/eosfilm7 - Peckover and Denver Sluice
2001/eosfilm8-chromogenic - experiment with chromogenic film
2001/eosfilm9-slide - experimenting with slide film
2001/eosfilm10 - Proms trips and Ely

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