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A year when more film than ever before has passed through my camera.

Inspired by trips to San Diego, Wales, Cumbria and Vancouver, but also by the opportunity to document the lives of my friends and their families.

Happy with my camera operation and generally satisfied with my choice of film, this year has been my most creative.



2003/college - Studio shots at college
2003/blackpool - Visit to Blackpool
2003/victoriabaths - Open day at Victoria Baths, Manchester
2003/nostellpriory - A day out in Yorkshire
2003/manchester - Manchester
2003/citycentre - City at dusk and mid-afternoon
2003/gatecon - GateCon 2003
2003/rainbow - Rainbows at sunset
2003/pride - Manchester EuroPride
2003/haddenham - A brief visit to Haddenham
2003/walk - Nice walk, shame about the film.
2003/lowry - The Lowry Gallery at Salford Quays
2003/cricket - England v South Africa at Old Trafford
2003/erddig - Erddig, Wrexham and Chester Zoo
2003/brimham - Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire
2003/ariaforce - Aria Force, Cumbria
2003/vince - Photos of Vince and his family
2003/lowry - The Lowry Gallery in February
2003/sandiego - San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, in Jan 2003
  2003/misc - One shots and other miscellanea

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